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Mom to 2 girls & 1 boy—1 born at home

Jenny was our midwife for the birth of our third baby, (and first son!).  During my pregnancy we looked forward to prenatal visits with Jenny.  They were nothing like the wait-an-hour-to-see-the-doctor-for-maybe-ten-minutes OB visits during my first pregnancy, but instead, like chatting with a good friend.  Laughing lots, getting to know each other, and building a relationship of trust.

As my “due date” approached, and passed, Jenny was so supportive and made sure we knew what our options were, and gave some tips to try and get things moving.  Then we passed 41 wks and although there were positive signs of imminent labor, not much was happening.  Though the situation was maddening for probably both of us, and was making me question my ability to birth without medical intervention, Jenny’s insight and wisdom helped us decide how to proceed and everything ultimately worked out.

Once contractions started in earnest, things moved quickly.  As we approached stage two of labor, baby’s heart rate dropped, but Jenny’s skill and wisdom helped our birth team navigate through a scary situation and our little one was soon born!  Welcome little one!

My recovery from this birth was also much quicker this time.  Jenny’s recommendation to rest for several days afterwards, cut my recovery time almost in half, when compared to my other two previous births.

Out of the birth of my three children, this one was probably my most difficult, even though all three were without pain meds.  But I think being able to experience it in my own home environment, without the added pressure of having to transport to another location for the birth was a key element in our positive outcome.  I don’t think the outcome would have been as good, had I been at a birth center or hospital, and Jenny’s dedication to doing what needed to be done was a key element.

Mom to 2 girls—1 born at home

My husband and I were extremely excited when we found out we were expecting our second child. We knew immediately that we wanted a home birth and that we wanted our friend, Jenny Hall, to be our midwife.

The pregnancy went very well and Jenny was awesome; listening, answering questions, giving encouragement, and being a great support. When I went into labor Jenny allowed my husband and I time to be alone and take it easy, until I felt that I needed her.

The atmosphere of the home was very relaxing and peaceful. I had the opportunity to deliver the baby in the water, which was amazing! After 23 hours of labor  (but only 6 and a half hours of it active labor) I pushed our sweet baby girl, Estraya Glory, out in two minutes. Jenny was right there supporting and directing my husband in catching the baby.

Even with a couple minor issues to deal with after Estraya was born, Jenny remained calm and was a joy to have present at the birth! I definitely want her to deliver any babies I have in the future.

Mom to 1 boy & 1 girl—1 born at home

I am an HBAC. (Home Birth After Cesarean). My husband was very sick at the end of my first pregnancy. He was admitted to the ER 9 times in my last 7 weeks of pregnancy with a cardiac condition. The stress caused me not to dilate, which led to an induction, which led to an emergency cesarean. We want 4 children, and I knew my chances for being allowed to vbac in a hospital were slim.

I found Jenny around week 17 of my second pregnancy, and we clicked right away. She suggested tandem midwives, because I was at the far edge of her traveling range and I was due in March. I selected Vicky Edwards, and her midwife in training, Holly. My husband’s illness and my prior cesarean meant I had to go through extra testing, but it was so reassuring to have someone there who wasn’t going to let me be bullied or scared out of having my baby at home.

I hadn’t gone into labor with my first at all, and the ladies were all very encouraging and empathetic when my labor would start and stop. Toward the very end, My baby didn’t want to drop. My due date came and went, and still no dilation. I got lots of help, from supplements and teas, to positions for allowing the baby to drop. With these and chiropractic care, I finally went into labor 9 days after my due date. Jenny and Holly came that night to stay with me, and Vicky came the following afternoon. They gave me all kinds of emotional and physical support during my labor, and early evening of day 10, my daughter was born.

The best part about having midwives was all the postpartum care I received. It was so reassuring to be able to call someone at 4 in the morning when I was having nursing problems, or send a photo text to see if her belly button was infected. Anything I needed, they were always right there.

Jenny was always on my side, coaching me and encouraging me, giving me the confidence to not be afraid and letting me know I can always ask for help. Thanks, Jen, Vicky, and Holly, for everything you do to empower maternity and motherhood.

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