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Prenatal Care


Total care from the moment we meet.

As midwives, we believe in continuity of care which means that you will be developing a relationship of trust with us through your pregnancy.

This means the earlier we start getting to know each other the better!


Prenatal Visits

Our appointments will never be rushed. Your questions will be answered and topics brought up for your consideration before you have to make a decision. Because you meet with us at every appointment, we build a relationship of trust and work together well through your pregnancy and birth.

  • Preconception interviews
  • Free 1 hour consultation with your midwife
  • Every four weeks until 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • Every two weeks from 32-36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Weekly visits from 36 to 42 weeks of pregnancy or birth

Informed Consent

No test is mandatory. Some are more strongly recommended than others, but as parents choosing a home birth, you are already taking more responsibility for your pregnancy and birth outcome and desire to take the decision making power back – and we freely give it.

  • Medical / Pregnancy history
  • Access to sonograms (if needed)
  • Lab work
  • Blood grouping
  • Antibody screening
  • Titre
  • Rubella
  • Hepatitis screen
  • Hematocrit / Hemoglobin
  • HIV (if requested)


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  • Blood pressure / Pulse monitoring
  • Weight gain assessment
  • Fetal well-being assessment
  • Heart rate
  • Growth
  • Activity
  • Position


Resources are made easily accessible – from recommended reading, to watching movies from our library. Referrals to other professionals are made when it makes sense for the parents.

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pregnancy / Childbirth education

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