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Intrapartum Care


Your birth, your way.

We believe that birth is a normal, natural process and should be interfered with as minimally as possible. Because we have developed a strong relationship built on trust through our months of prenatals, we will know which things are important to you at the birth.

We are able to step in when when medically necessary but otherwise our job is to support and encourage you to birth your baby your way.


Pre-Birth Support

We will come and check on you when you think you are in labor as many times as it takes and stay with you if you need us. We’ll counsel and guide you to help you to know what labor feels like and how to differentiate it from other things that may mimic it.

  • Full labor assessment
  • Dilation
  • Effacement
  • Fetal position
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Continuing fetal well-being assessment

Your Home Birth

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  • All non-disposable equipment for birth provided
  • Emergency equipment provided as a precaution
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Massage
  • Water therapy
  • Pain management without drugs
  • Warm compresses for avoiding tears
  • Water birth is available and recommended
  • Two professional-grade “Birth Pool in a Box” brand tubs
  • First come, first served basis
  • A second assistant always present with your midwife

Post-Birth Care

After your birth, cleanup is mainly taken care of by your midwife team. Laundry is started, and all mom needs to focus on is her beautiful baby.

  • Full newborn assessment done in presence of parents
  • Informed consent from parents on newborn procedures
  • Breastfeeding education and assistance
  • Postpartum care instructions, oral and written

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