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Finances & Insurance

How much does midwifery care cost?

As midwives, we consider pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period as one life event and therefore the cost is not broken down by hour, or visit, (meaning more time with us) instead it is one charge of $4,500 for all the care received, broken down into different payment periods detailed below: 

Free initial consultation! This visit is a visit where both midwife and client have every opportunity to ask questions to determine if this is the right fit. Please have a list of prepared questions ready (if you need ideas, look under the birth articles section of this website for the page with questions).  After the consultation, you go home with paperwork and if you are ready to start care you let your midwife know and if everything checks out we will set up your initial prenatal.

Break down of payments:

  • $900 deposit due when the client chooses to book care at the initial prenatal.
  • The rest of the amount due will be paid in 4 increments (or what is agreeable between client and midwife) at the following appointments (or at the appointment close to that date)
    • $900 at the 20 week appointment
    • $900 at the 26th week appointment
    • $900 at the 32 week appointment
    • $900 at the 38 week appointment (this brings you to a total of $4,500)

*Some clients choose to do a monthly payment plan instead of the options listed above, this is acceptable as long as the amount is no less than $450/month. 

*There is an early payment discount offered to those who wish to avail of a 10% discount. This would require payment in full at the initial prenatal – totaling to $4,050. This is the only discount offered, but is a good one, subtracting $450 from the total fee. 

What’s included in the midwifery fee?

The $4,500 covers all the prenatal care, newborn care, 24 hour access to your midwife, continuity of care, and a two midwife team at your birth.

  • Birth pool owned by NBM lent out to clients if available for your due date (regular and mini sized Birth Pool in a Box and one LaBassine pool)
  • Hearing Screening
  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screening (CCHD)
  • Non-disposable birth supplies such as sterilized instruments, oxygen tank, masks, rebozo, Kaya birth stool and more.
  • Birth medications as needed such as antihemorrhagics, herbal remedies and medications for the newborn.
  • Insurance Billing if desired 
  • Placenta preparation if smoothies postpartum are desired

**Note: We believe strongly that every woman and her family should be able to experience birth as is right for them, and honestly believe that birthing outside of the hospital is right for most women. Because of this, we are happy to provide payment plans that suit the needs of our clients if different than above on a case by case basis.

Are there any other costs I need to be aware of?

  • A disposable birth kit – your midwife will give you the link for ordering and the cost is between $35-100 depending on what you add to it.
  • Lab fees and ultrasounds are not included and can be $80-$200+, but insurance normally covers these fees.
  • In the rare instance that a transport is needed in the birth, because your midwife will stay with you still in the hospital advocating for you and your family, and will still gladly provide you with all postpartum and newborn care for the following 6 weeks, the amount you pay for midwifery services are non-refundable.
  • There are a few other pieces you may want to add to your birth plan such as a doula or birth photographer or placenta encapsulation, but all of these things are affordable and we will help connect you with people that make the most sense for your family.

Does insurance cover my care with a midwife?

Usually insurance covers home births in some way. We work with a biller whose only clients are out of hospital midwives (making her an expert in the submission of insurance claims for home births). NBM’s biller will submit a verification of benefits form to see what your plan may cover. The biller also submits the superbill after the delivery and will continue working until it gets settled out. There is no extra charge to bill your insurance company – the fee you pay to enter care covers this.

But midwifery care even without insurance can be affordable because it can be similar to the deductible that some parents pay for maternity care in the hospital since a normal, uncomplicated vaginal delivery can cost $8,000 which doesn’t include doctor’s fees, prenatal or newborn care. Insurance can be confusing, but as your midwife, I am happy to help you figure out what your benefits are and then together we will work on a payment plan.

Another option to be aware of is a Medical Cost Sharing company (similar to an insurance company) called Samaritan Ministries that is happy when their clients choose a home birth and fully support that choice. www.samaritanministries.org

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