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Our History

New Birth Midwifery was created in 2010 out of a desire to meet women and their families where they were and provide compassionate care in a team based approach.

We have a motto that says, “Birthing Naturally, Birthing Safely.” This to us means that we take a holistic approach to care – looking at the big picture each time, spending an hour for prenatals when we could do them in 15 minutes because we want to know what’s really going on with each of our clients and we want to help educate them on their choices for interventions or options in care so they can make an informed decision and be a part of their own care team. We believe that birth is a normal, natural life event and we help to keep it that way by entering into a woman’s life at a very special time and helping her to build trust with her care providers – the very ones who will attend her birth.

“Birthing Naturally, Birthing Safely” does not mean, however, that we are anti-hospital. We do believe that not all women should deliver outside of the hospital – only healthy, low risk mommas, which is the majority of women. We have developed good relationships with hospital care providers who help our clients when they need additional care beyond what we are able to provide in an out-of-hospital setting. If a client does end up in the hospital, we go with them to make sure they are still well cared for throughout.
Home birth has evolved significantly from 2009 when NBM was first started. The kind of family looking for a home birth is no longer just the family who bucks the social norms but is now also many first time parents choosing midwifery care and home birth as a safe alternative to a hospital birth where protocols may interfere with their desires to have the birth they want. We also see many families come to NBM who have had hospital births in the past. Some families don’t want a repeat of their last birth, while some just know they can have their ideal birth experience, this time in the comfort of their own home.

We would love to meet you and your family! To learn more about New Birth Midwifery’s home birth practice and to meet the midwives, contact us for a free consultation.

Our Philosophy

We believe that for most women pregnancy and birth are a normal and healthy physiological process and that home is where birth is most likely to remain normal. We do not believe that home birth is right for everyone or best in all circumstances.

We believe that the midwife’s ego has no place at a birth. We believe in working collaboratively with other professionals to ensure safe care for mothers and babies in the event of complications in pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

We believe that a midwife has the responsibility to act in a professional manner, to protect client privacy and confidentiality, and to be accountable to the client, the midwifery profession, and the public for safe, competent and ethical care.

We believe in the vital importance to the newborn infant of receiving their full placental blood volume and of immediate and uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby in the first hours postpartum.

We believe that interventions during pregnancy and labor, including ultrasounds, vaginal exams, artificial rupture of membranes, and clamping of the umbilical cord should never be performed routinely, but only when requested by the mother and genuinely indicated for the well-being of mother and baby.

Something New

New Birth Midwifery is growing! We are so excited to welcome Sarah Barbosa CPM, LM who will be joining the practice starting in July of 2019.

With a two midwife practice, clients can expect to meet both midwives at the consultation and see both midwives regularly through their prenatal care. There will always be 2 midwives at each client’s birth. We will also provide 6 weeks of postpartum care for both mom and baby, including 3 visits within the first week after the birth.

Sarah and Jenny have worked together in the past and have done several births together which makes Sarah joining NBM an exciting yet comfortable change for Jenny. We look forward to being able to better serve our families by taking a team-based approach to your care!

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